Top Pregnancy Pillows to Help You Sleep More Comfortably

During pregnancy, almost every woman will have difficulty sleeping,which affects their health and their babies a lot. Choosing an appropriate sleeping pillow plays an important role in pregnancy. So which pillow is the best choice for pregnant women? Let’s discover the secret in the following article.

1. Reasons to Use A Pregnancy Pillow

Before getting to know our top best pregnancy pillows, you should know about the reason why pregnancy pillows are very important.

The pregnancy pillow supports the abdomen and helps pregnant women to lie more comfortably. This will both benefit the mother and the baby in the womb and help the fetus develop better.

The pillows help the body fixed and comfortable when lying, the balance of the head and body will help the blood in the body circulate in the best way to the organs and fetus.

The pregnancy pillow has a very important role

Back pain and cramping are a phenomenon that pregnant women often suffer from if they lie in the wrong position or use an inappropriate pillow.

Sleeping comfortably with pregnancy pillows will help the fetus to have healthy and comprehensive development. So pregnant women need to choose a soft, smooth pillow that best suits their conditions and demands during pregnancy.

The pregnancy pillows will help the pregnant women have a deep sleep. The pregnant woman will not feel back pain, neck pain or any discomfort after sleep.

2. Top The Best Types of Pregnancy Pillows 

For first-time pregnant women, the choice and use of a pillow are extremely important to the health of themselves and their children. You can refer to the following products so that you can choose the product that best suits you.

2.1. Number 9-Shaped Pillows

These pillows support the head and legs of pregnancy very well. This pillow is made from cotton so it is quite soft with number 9-shaped. It is suitable for pregnant women who like to sleep on their sides. 

2.2. J-shaped Pillows

This type of pillow supports the head and neck. The J-shaped pillow is only beneficial for sleeping on you back. When you want to sleep on your sides, you need to add a small pillow under your abdomen.

2.3. Y-shaped Pillows

Y-shaped pillows are suitable for pregnant women who have gained a lot of weight during pregnancy period. It can support both the abdomen and back and suit both sleepings on your back or your sides. However, with this type of pillow, the pregnant women must use another pillow for their head and neck.

2.4. Pillows with Bow Shape

These pillows are suitable for pregnant women who like to sleep on their backs. With the elastic tie, the pillows can change their size according to the size of the pregnant abdomen.

Pillows blocking the belly of pregnant women with bow shape

2.5. U-shaped Pillows

This is the most popular pregnancy pillow type today. This pregnancy pillow can support the head, neck, shoulders, back, stomach, and legs. It can be used for all sleeping positions of pregnant women such as on their backs or on their sides.

2.6. Back Pillow

This pillow helps pregnant women reduce the pressure on the back significantly and reduce the symptoms of back pain inherent in pregnancy. In addition, this type of pillow can be used for pregnant women who often have to travel by car.

Back pillow for pregnancy

2.7 Knee Pillows

Every pregnant woman should have a quality foot pillow! When you sit down to watch TV, a perfect pillow will help you avoid unnecessary numbness. In addition, when you lie down, you can put the pillow under your leg. It will help you have a comfortable sleeping position, especially when your abdomen becomes larger.

In conclusion

This is a collection of useful and quite complete tips related to pregnancy pillows. Hopefully, this information will help pregnant women find the best pillow so that their pregnancy time is always comfortable.

Thank you for reading!

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