How to Maximize the Life of Your Mattress

Your mattress is a significant item  that keeps your sleep better, thus enhancing both your physical and mental health. So, of course, you always want to lengthen the life of your mattress.

Well, depending on the type of mattress you are using, the methods to take care of it can be different. However, it is not too complicated.

Now, let’s start to maximize the life of your mattress with the following eight simple tips!

1. Keep Your Mattress Dry

Keep your mattress dry by a mattress cover

Keeping your mattress dry can help to prevent the growth of mildew and mold, so it is a good way to make your mattress last longer 

To prevent your mattress from absorbing moisture of all kinds, you should cover it with a mattress cover before putting the sheets on. A mattress cover can also protect your mattress from stain. So, make sure to wash your mattress pad every week. 

Another advice for you is to leave your mattress near the fan. This will help you to reduce the dry time by hours.  

2. Air and Light Your Mattress Out

Air (or light) your mattress for 20 minutes every day

When you first buy your mattress, you should air dry it for four hours. Then, you also ought to regularly allow light and air to go through it during it lifetime. 

Air drying the mattress helps to make the smell of  sweat go away as well as decrease the illeffects of damp. Meanwhile, sunlight helps to eliminate dust mites.

So, you need to spend 20 minutes every day removing your  bed covers. These ways will help to keep your mattress in good shape even when are away from home for weeks 

3. Use Baking Soda to Nix Smells

Baking soda helps last the life of your mattress

The smell on your mattress make you uncomfortable? Well, then use baking soda to get rid of it  without harming the mattress. Everything you have to do is to sprinkle baking soda on your mattress and then, wait for 20 minutes. After that, suck up the baking soda using a vacuum.

4. Do Not Let Pets Climb on Your Bed

It is not easy to clean your pets’ fur on the mattress

Pet fur  can be a problem for sensitive noses. Many people like to permit their pets to sleep on their  bed. However, the pet fur can accumulate on the mattress. So, of course, it is challenging to clean all their fur  from the mattress.  

So, it would be best if you let pets to sleep in their bed, or at least on top of the covers.

5. Don’t Walk or Jump on Your Mattress

Stop allowing your children jump on your mattress

Jump, stand, or walk on your mattress can damage its contents or springs. So, it would be best if you avoided doing these on your mattress. Also, you should avoid sitting on its edge because it can deform your mattress .

6. Give It a Regular Check-up

Make sure your mattress has a right frame

Your mattress can  only stay as good as new  if you place it on an excellent frame that you bought at the same time as your mattress. So, you should check the legs and castors of this frame every six months. This helps you to know if they need to be tightened.

7. Rotate Your Mattress

While manufacturers used to advise you to rotate the mattress regularly to help it wear more evenly, newer beds comes with only one “right side up.” And, for these new mattress, to reduce bumps and lumps, you should rotate it twice for the first four months. After that, you need to do this every three months.

8. Never Fold Your Mattress

When you want to move your mattress, make sure that you will not fold it. this can break the interior construction of your mattress as well as decrease the quality of comfort. 


I always want to keep the life of your mattress longer. It not only helps to save money but also make my life more comfortable. 

As for you, why don’t try to apply one of eight methods above? It is super easy, but it can give many amazing results!

So, try it, now!