Top 9 Best Side Sleeper Pillows By Consumer Report for 2020

In respect to research, there is over 70 percent of people who sleep on their sides. So if you are part of those people I can assure you that you will need more extra support to be able to sleep comfortably without waking up with pains unlike most people do. Therefore, the use of an ordinary pillow will be impossible to get the job done.

This is basically because there is always a distance between the heads and the mattress, therefore to be able to enjoy the use of a pillow for side sleepers, a thicker pillow to keep the head and neck in a neutral position is duly needed “quoting Heather Turgeon” the brain behind happy sleeper book. Fortunately, here are the best pillows for the side sleepers. You can choose from below best pick out from Amazon.

Top 9 Pillows for Side Sleepers

TEMPUR-Cloud Soft and Conforming Pillow

The Tempurpedic model has currently released a new product of pillow of which it is softer and of a more comfortability with its design. It is a pillow that can be explored by a wide range of individuals. It is soft, comfortable, and far better than the former model of designs this particular model has released in time past.

It also has a unique soft core that is designed in a way not to be flattened no matter the pressure. This Tempurpedic pillow is specially created to bring alignment to the neck and the head in any position depending on your body type. The pillow is responsive, and it also responds well too for the adequate amount of pressure.

It also comprises of a thick 100 percent cotton with a plush like, cooling surface. It is about 6.& Loft and comfortable in all positions coupled with five years guarantee.


  • Soft & cool
  • Align both the head and the neck
  • Keeps shape


  • Maybe quite firm for some set of people
  • Slight off-gassing

Layla Copper Infused Down Alternative Pillow

Looking at the shape of the pillow, you will discover that it is quite innovative in construction. It is crafted with shredded memory foam and a soft, natural Kapok fiber, bringing supportive to the users but yet it is plush and malleable. When using this particular model of the pillow, you will discover that it feels like a high stuffed feather coupled with the downside of the pillow that is wrapped in a thick poly blender cover.

Layla is entirely made for the back and side sleepers, because it has a hefty lost of comfortability and with the comments of the users, it was said that it gives maximum support to the head and the neck in proper cervical alignment. The secondary layer of the copper used is to bring or perhaps allow relief to the blood flow within the body and also to aid quicker recovery and body healing.

It is made of kapok&shredded memory foam, 5.5 inches and only comfortable for back and side sleepers with a five years guarantee.


  • Very cool when using
  • The copper infusion may promote health
  • Very soft
  • Contouring


  • Slight off-gassing
  • Too firm for stomach sleepers

Classic Brands Reversible Cool Gel and Memory Foam Pillow

This particular brand is created to be dual in its design. It is developed to meet the needs of the people in a wide range of varieties and to procure comfort to those that use it. It is created with one side boasts a textured gel layer for a cooling. It also has a reverse side which is medium surface and soft in feeling. The pillow is slightly responsive, and it can address temperature regulation with five inches long.

This product offers support to the side and back sleepers, and it does provide a steady memory foam sink to make sure that help is procured to the head and conform to your body shape and neck. Since it is reversible, you can choose any desired location when using. It is made of dual-sided memory foam with 5 inches length, and it is also comfortable for both back and side positions.


  • Comfortable & soft
  • Strong neck support
  • Dual-sided for ambient_temperatures


  • Some off-gassing
  • Cooling somewhat dependent on ambient temps
  • Quite thin for some individuals (sleepers)

Beautyrest Extra Firm Pillow

This pillow product is duly loaded with Beautyrest of which makes it extra firm pillows that are a soft and responsive plush surface that helps to support your head and neck. It is a 2-inch shape which is well built to keep the polyester fiberfill filling well distributed under compression, and keeps it from going flat.

It is also created with the use of 400 thread count to prevent the pillow from distorting. It is a smooth, cooking with a decent outflow of air. This pillow product is made for the side sleepers and the back sleepers with excellent comfortability and amazing neck support. It is made of Poly fiberfill, about 7 inches and can be used by back and side sleepers, it has about 30 days warranty duration.


  • High, contouring loft
  • Firm support
  • Excellent neck support


  • Maybe too ‘springy.’
  • Maybe too firm for back sleepers

Innocor Comfort by Serta Gel Memory Foam Side Sleeper Pillow

Serta’s name can’t be stepped on when it comes to the sleeping industry. The company also produce a more dependable product which has given them a reputation in the world. Serta’s always made use of different kinds of technologies to skyrocket their products.

Therefore, the gusseted pillow has a gel infused memory foam core to help create even compression and to also give the best support to the head and neck. The foam is made to sink slowly rather than a fast response from the other kinds of products (despite being created to be more softer). Gel infused memory foam is used for its makeup, it is about 2 inches in length and can be utilized by Side and Back sleepers with five years warranty.


  • Very soft
  • Shape maintained
  • Very useful for sore and stiff neck


  • A bit thick
  • Can be broken down with heavy use
  • Slight off-gassing

UTTU Sandwich Pillow, Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow

This model makes use of the same type of foam used in their mattress for comfortability to create their pillow. With that, they are well assured that the users will get maximum cooling when using the bear pillow. The foam is designed in a way that it goes back to its original shape after being compressed maybe when used. Also, its cover is made of bamboo and polyester for breathability and extra comfort.

The pillow comes in a unique, therapeutic shape to help relieve pressure from to neck and promote better sleep. Thanks to its adjustable loft, sleepers can easily alter the height of the pillow to achieve the desired loft. The products are certified for performance, durability and content by CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX; meaning it does not include harsh or harmful chemicals. Besides, UTTU Sandwich Pillow comes with 98-night satisfaction guaranteed and 5-year limited warranty, should you have any issues with the product’s quality.


  • Therapeutic design
  • Certified by CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX
  • Adjustable loft
  • 5-year warranty


  • Slight off-gassing for a few days

GhostPillow Real-Time Cooling

Here is a pillow that is created by the ghostbed industry which is very popular in the world of mattresses. It is designed with the use of a real-time cooling aeration technology to create a cooling, supportive, and comfortable pillow product that is helpful to the neck and the head. It is made up is a memory foam that is solid in its core and infused with gel material so that it can help with the absorbing and dissipate of the body heat.

It will also draw moisture from the skin surface so that more comfortability can be administrated to the user. Mainly created for the side and back sleepers, it also possesses a soft and plush surface that provides the underlying firmer support for everyone who utilizes the pillow. It also helps structure the proper spinal alignment.


  • Absorbs and dissipates heat
  • Quick foam response time
  • Smells like lavender when opened


  • May compress overtime slightly
  • Fairly flat
  • May need a second pillow for side sleepers

TEMPUR-Contour Breeze Side-to-Side Pillow

The Tempurpedic contour breeze side by side is designed to help the side sleeping people with massive airway support. This is very much denser, with the use of tangible foam which is shaped with neck rolls. It is softer, with an inner space to rest the head for more comfort.

It feels like a gentle compression when used but not forming a side to excessive side shape. The pillow is also created with a cooling area that can draw heat from the body coupled with a sift, cooling and smooth feeling when used. With the firmness, it requires a bit of you getting used to it usage but the rolls to sleep, making it more comfortable to sleep with ease.


  • Very comfortable and supportive
  • Firm contour for side sleeping
  • Supports neck well


  • Maybe too firm for some
  • Smaller bodies may find it too high
  • May have slight off-gassing

Coop Home Goods Adjustable Loft Bamboo Cooling Pillow

This type of pillow stands to be one of the most excellent pillows to use when sleeping. This pillow is essentially good for the side sleepers but can also be maximized for all kinds of sleeping positions. It provides the best and personalized sleeping experience and can be customized to offer a greater height and support.

It is made up of a thick, breathable cover, plush and can be duly adjusted to either firmness or pillow loft. You can add, or subtract making it possible for you to get the support and the feeling you need without sacrificing the pliable give of memory foam. The use of shredded memory foam has become the best and the most popular filling foam because it usually allows the air to flow in and out of the building.


  • Fully adjustable to all sleep positions
  • Washable
  • Great for heavier bodies


  • Slight off-gassing
  • May become lumpy overtime
  • Firm feel with higher loft

Best Pillows for Side Sleeping – Buyer’s Guide

Side sleeping is one of the ideal ways to sleep in which anyone can have a nice sleep. It also helps with the opening of airways to make sure that circulation is Improved will the body. The position of sleeping has been associated with several kinds of health benefits according to the scientist, and some of the health benefits have to do with the acid reflux and sleep apnea, and it also provides more comfort for pregnant women.

Furthermore, using the prescribed pillow which is supposed to be the right one to use can be a factor at which comfort will be experienced. For those that choose wrong, it might be a nightmare. As a result of this, there are some specific pillows and also in their sizes that are paramount to most side sleepers. This is because the wrong choice can cause pain within the body.

Fortunately, this particular guide will bring to you light on how you should choose your pillow and the primary mechanism you should observe before selecting the right pillow for side sleeping people. There are different sizes of any types of pillows that can be used or purchased by different kinds of side sleepers.

Choosing The Right Pillow for Side Sleeprs

For side sleepers, there are multiple things to duly consider when buying or acquiring a new pillow especially from an online store. This is because there are different kinds of brands and models out there.

1. Size

From tangible research, there are major six essential standards of pillow sizes for choosing. There are also some very small pillow sizes for specific uses.

Here are the grades:

Small (20W” x 12L”): This size is found to be a particular type of pillows. Examples of them are the memory foam in respect to the cervical and the buckwheat models that are very much lifted around the neck and also beneath the head so that there will be targeted support.

Standard (20W” x 26L”): This is the usual standard for pillows as well as the most compact pillow that everyone can use. It might not be advisable for people who can’t do without turning when sleeping but the size is appealing to everyone that needs a standard and affordable pillow.

Super Standard (20W” x 28L”): This is for people who love tossing around while sleeping, it is compatible for everyone to use because of its good size.

Queen (20W” x 30L”): This is one of the most popular pillows, in fact, it is tagged to be the second and one of the most accommodative pillows for side sleepers. It also allows tossing and turning.

King (20W” x 36L”): This is a very good option for people who like tossing when sleeping, the king size will surely satisfy them while relaxing. It is comprised of comfortability while reading or watching TV as well.

2. Surface Shape

Pillows can be sometimes curved on the surface, but the smooth surface is quite common, they may be in a flat form or full, depending on the makers wish. But the best known as those that are curved in their surface.

3. Loft

The loft as to do with the thickness of the pillow. It is pivotal that for side sleepers, they chose the right product when it comes to this.

Low-loft: Pillows that are a range to be less than three inches (3″) thick.

Medium-loft: Pillows that are a range to be three to five inches (3″ to 5″) thick.

High-loft: Pillows that are a range to be more than five inches (5″) thick.